Thursday, March 05, 2009

FInished Socks!

I mentioned them in my new "list of things knitted in 2009" in the side bar, so I thought I'd show you pics.  I pledge to keep a list of all things knitted in 2009.  There are 2 Christmas presents for my mom that technically were slated for completion PRIOR to Christmas but didn't make it.  Those don't count in this list.  I also pledge to get all knitted Christmas items finished BEFORE Christmas.  I need start planning towards that end right now!  OK, so here they are---

The first two are the Incredible Shrinking Violet Monkeys for Karen, which are being inspected by Tang.  

The next two are my Cloning Anemones in Tide Pooling.  I love the was the one above pooled.  Seems like most people don't like the pooling, but I really like it when that happens.  I think that in this pattern it shows the stitch pattern much better.

Off to work on the ridiculous goals I have set to be completed before Sock Camp!   Photos to follow soon (I hope)!  Happy Knitting!!!

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