Monday, June 28, 2010

Please help me make a decision!

OK, so I am ready for my next project which will be a travel sock. I have actually been pretty disciplined lately with my knitting, which means I am not casting on with reckless abandon. It is hard- very very hard not to cast on 4 or 5 new things whenever the mood strikes me. I figured out that the upside of being disciplined is that you actually finish projects. Who knew? My dilemma at the moment is what sock to knit, and which pattern. Which is where you come in! Here are the color choices, all Blue Moon, natch, and the pattern possibilities are all on Knitty--click on the pattern name to go to the link. I chose these patterns because they are are mostly stockinette and I can do them Lever-style ala Yarn Harlot with DPNs (aka, back to basics) so they will go really fast. Not much brain power needed. The only thing needed is the decision about which pattern with which color. These colorways would all look good in any of the patterns. But I just can't decide. Sometimes the name of the pattern combined with the colorway name is interesting, like Scum Bubble Monkeys. Or Sunday Swing Pond Scum. Or Rare Gem-RPM. Or Plankton Ooze Monkey.

So help me, please, by voting. You will be seeing the winning combination in my next few posts. Vote frequently and vote often. I need to wind the yarn on Friday, so vote now! Have your children vote! Close your eyes and vote! For my new knitting friends I have yet to meet, please vote!
Sunday Swing

And the color finalists are:

Pond Scum. I love me some Pond Scum.

Plankton Ooze.

Rare Gem.

Scum Bubbles. In real-life, Scum Bubbles is related to Pond Scum.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

And yet another shawl from my needles.

I actually started this shawl way back in December. It is knitted out of Noro's Silk Garden Sock yarn. I had to tweak the picot edge a bit to get it the way I wanted. I really like the little nubs it has on the edge. Another possibility for my travels!

You can see the little corners where I threw in some increases for the shoulder to help it stay on. I think I will really like it, with those increases it helps it stay on and lay nicely across the shoulders.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Grawk called and said it wants to be a Multnomah Shawl.

Ahh yes, my lovely Grawk. I am more than happy to grant your wish. Grawk is one of the Raven Series from Tina at Blue Moon. It started its life out being Raspberry and Pond Scum. Then one day the darkness took over and it was overdyed with black. But the Pond Scum and the Raspberry still peek through, just enough to for you to recognize them.

Details on my Ravelry page where I am known as knitterati. Basically, this took about a skein and a half and I went WAY up in needle size. The pattern is written for a size 3 and I bumped it up to a 5, swatched by actually starting the shawl, then bumped up again to a size 7. Instant gratification and a fast knit!

Calling Miss Woodhouse.

How often does it happen that you are snooping around on Ravelry and you find a shawl with your name on it? I mean literally, the shawl's name is your last name? Well, it happened to me and here it is!

For details, see my Ravelry page. I love all things Blue Moon, and this is knitted in Seduction which is 50% merino ad 50% tencel. It has a luscious hand. More shawls to follow.......................