Monday, September 26, 2005

Ahhhhhhh, Knitting!

Sunday, 25 September 05
Have you noticed how good you feel after an afternoon of knitting? It's like your ruffled feathers have all been soothed and you feel ready to take on the new week. And especially after visiting JoAnn's. If you haven't made it yet, it's a must. Allow yourself plenty of time to feel, smell, cuddle, and listen to their yarns. Several are calling me now. If you have a 40% off coupon, Wednesday is the last day to use it. Hours are 9-9 Mon-Sat, 10-7 on Sunday. No affiliation, just a knitter who is happy they are here.

They have such a great selection of yarns that you could spend hours putting together different combinations. And what a great selection for someone who is just starting to knit. Speaking of new knitters--meet Charlene! Check out this scarf she started on Sunday out of a thick chenille. All this in just one afternoon! The chenille looks very different knitted than on the skein. It almost looks like a bobble or popcorn stitch. I heard a rumor that it is already begging to have a hat to match. Check it out next Sunday!

Shirley visited Unravel in Flagstaff last week and found this great yarn. It is going to grow into a poncho for a very deserving little girl who loves pink and purple. This yarn is really nice to the touch, and doesn't feel as though it would be too warm for our climate. It is always fun to see how the colors stack in a yarn like this. Two knitters could knit the same exact same garment and they will turn out differently. It depends on your gauge, # of stitches you cast on, and your needle size. It really is fun to knit with a yarn like this, and the one in the next photo.

This mystery model is giving a demo of the sock-grown-up-into-a-slipper that Linda made. I think that this is Lion Brand's Thick and Quick yarn. It will definitely take the chill off of a cool morning. I think this is the 2nd, maybe 3rd pair that Linda has knitted? And her dye-your-own is exquisite. I apologize for not taking a photo of it. The colors are really saturated. She said that the smell of the yarn dyeing in fruity Flavor-Aid combined with the aroma of a pot roast she was cooking was almost too good to be true. Who is that mystery model???

Shirley completed her lace moebius---here is is all ready to be kitchener-stitched together. Must see and feel to appreciate! Fran is doing a poncho---I think this is new yarn from JoAnn's? Ahhhhhhh, knitting. Sooothhhhing knitting.

This is the time of year everyone starts thinking about Christmas--some of us are further along than others! This scarf Helen is working on will undoubtedly have a hat to match and will be given to a darling granddaughter. I will publish photos of the recipients if you all will send me digital photos!

That's about it this time! I have an "uber" examen en espanol manana. I have procrastinated long enough, time to go study.
See you next Sunday at Papa San's at 1!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Super Sunday

Hello everyone! We had another creative afternoon at Papa San. Before I download the pictures, I have to tell you about Linda's Dye Your Own experience. She dyed a couple of skeins today, with great results. One skein looks like the inside of a mango. Can't wait to see them---she said it was really easy and mess-free. Bring them Sunday Linda!

If you run you cursor over the title Super Sunday and click on it, you will be taken to the One Fine Yarn website. They have this cool animated technique section that I just found tonight. Check it out--

Here is Cheryl on the left and Shirley on the right. Cheryl is knitting a baby blanket out of a fluffy, yummy yarn. It looks like it could float in the air.
Shirley started her Firenze scarf last week. She frogged it back to the beginning and started over aqain. Knitting trivia---Frogging is a term used when you rip out a lot of stitches i.e. ("rippit, rippit similar to ribbit-the sound a frog makes"). When you tink, you take out one stitch at a time, usually using your needles to "un-knit". Tink is knit spelled backwards. The yarn Shirley is using is soooooo nice and soft, it will feel great against someone's neck.

Here is Judy with her throw. Wait until you hear her story. You know, the more you knit, the more you incorporate your life story into your project. Years later, you remember that part of your life while you were creating your project. You recall trips you took while knitting it, what was happening in the world and in your life during this time. If Judy's throw could talk, what a story it could tell! Someone passing by Judy's car saw her knitting bag. They broke her window and stole the bag. She was heartbroken when she found it missing, as you can imagine. Someone found it, with it's contents strewn down their alley, including her Denise needle set and her gear bag with accessories. The throw was off of the needles. These people found a receipt from Michael's, and went there to see if the manager would be able to trace the owner from the receipt. They did not want to assist in the hunt. The people went to YPD to see if anyone had reported the theft, to no avail. They called the paper, and the person they talked to recognized the description of the bag because Judy had just called to place an ad. What a story! Today, she put it all back on the needles and is ready to continue. There are some wonderful people out there who admired the project and knew that she would be missing it terribly. Bless them!

Here is our newest member, Beth Masse. Check out this afghan. It is absolutely gorgeous. You have to see it in person next Sunday. It looks great on the reverse side too. It is all crochet, and has cables. Beth crochets and knits. She is one of the managers at the new Joann's store in Yuma Palms. Joann's officially opens this Friday. Word is that they may have a "soft opening" a couple days early. So fellow knitwits, we need to keep up the patrol! I have made several reconnaissance trips by there the past week, but now we have some inside information! Beth says that all of their merchandise is beautiful, and they are well-stocked. They are not considered a super-store, but they have almost all the same things that a super-store carries. I know that we are all anxiously awaiting their opening. This is THE week! Welcome Beth, we are glad you came!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hello out there in Knit Wit land! We had a fun time again today. Fran and Deb are showing you their newest projects. Fran is starting a poncho in a cool bubbly-yarn and Deb is venturing into the land of felting with a design all her own. More photos of these projects will show up in All Things Knitterly's subsequent posts, so check back often!

Linda and DeeDee are working on their projects--remember DeeDee's poncho using multidirectional strips? She is doing a solid strip here that will be incorporated into the poncho. Linda is knitting little mouse slippers. The foot is made from Homespun that has a brown and black marled appearance. Just like a mouse. This week, I got up close and personal to some mice at my mom's. I caught four mice on 3 traps. Linda's yarn is the perfect color, trust me. Can't wait to see them next weekend. I will take an upclose photo, I know they are going to be really cute.

Here are the two Shirleys--Shirley on the right is new to our group today. That's what makes this so fun, always new people with new ideas! Keeps all our creative juices flowing. Shirley on the left is showing her Seaman's Scarf with the ribbed neck. That's Seaman's with 2 A's, not the 5 letter kind. Shirley on the right started this diagonal scarf out of Firenze yarn, and it is verrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy soft. The lucky recipient of this will have a nice cozy scarf this winter! Welcome Shirley!

Who is the masked woman hiding behind her Charlotte??? Helen, of course! She is doing the croXXXX finish work on the bottom of her masterpiece. Maybe it will be ready to wear next weekend? More photos of this labor of love as it gets finished---

FYI----the latest on the Kool-Aid dye your own: anyone interested is invited to come to my house next Saturday, September 17 at 1 PM for a demonstration on dyeing your own yarn. My address is 1525 S. 33rd Drive, the first street west of Reagan School off of 16th Street. My house is about 7 or 8 houses down on the right, with bright blue awnings and a mailbox on a stack of rocks. Even if you don't have your yarn, feel free to come by and watch. My phone is 343-4910. It is truly easy and NOT messy!

See you next time at Papa San's at 1PM! Happy knitting to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

4 September 05

We had a great session last Sunday at Papa San. In this photo, Fran is showing her latest creation. You have to see this scarf, it is so unusual! I think Fran has a great sense of color.

Shirley is starting the "trust-me-it-really-is-easy-Charlotte". Really, it is. Honest. Truly Easy, right Shirley? Only 2 (count 'em-2!) pattern rows. You do have pXXX on the backside. But, that's the price for it being easy.

And here is DeeDee, the most intuitive and prolific knitter I know. She is full of great ideas and actually finishes them, unlike myself. This is a poncho that she is making out of multidirectional strips. Great for those cold(er) football games. The texture is great. Come see it next Sunday!

Here is Deb with Marilyn, the newest member of the Knit Wits! Marilyn is not new to knitting, but has a renewed interest. In this photo Deb is showing her some new techniques. We are glad to have you with us, Marilyn!

We are going to do a group gathering in the very near future on Kool-Aid dyeing. If you are interested, check out the website that is linked to the date on this blog. It shows you which flavor makes which color. You can order the yarn from It is called color-your-own and comes with great yardage and price in 3 weights--worsted, fingering, and lace. Even if you don't have yarn and want to watch, it is a great, easy, and non-messy project. Honest. Trust me.

Stay tuned for more Kool-Aid info! KEEP ON KNITTING!